What is the future of Callan Park?

Let SCA StayEVENT: Saturday, 20 August 11am Leichhardt and Rozelle Community Meeting with SCA students and staff

On Saturday August 20th, the Rozelle and Leichhardt communities will be gathering to hear about the campaign against the proposed removal of Sydney College of the Arts by the University of Sydney from its home in the Kirkbride buildings at Callan Park.

The meeting will be at 11am outside Kirkbride in Callan Park.

Hall Greenland, president of Friends of Callan Park said yesterday, “The College represents the keystone of the park, which is 61 hectares of magni􏰀icent public space on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour. Kirkbride, the suite of historical buildings which house the college and cover 4.5 hectares, is arguably the best example of Victorian free classical style architecture in Australia”. FoCP’ has been 􏰀ighting to keep Callan Park a public space and it has its own ‘Special Provisions Act’ preventing commercial use of its buildings. Students fear that the loss of Kirkbride as its campus will weaken already unrati􏰀ied plans for the park and leave it vulnerable to unfavourable developments.

The art school also recognises that any removal to an alternative campus will signal the death knell of its unique studio-based curriculum. The meeting aims to inform the public and invite stakeholders to be involved in a renewal of plans for the park, with Sydney College of the Arts – within Kirkbride – as its centrepiece.

Speakers on Saturday will include · Jamie Parker, MP for Balmain, Hall Greenland, Friends of Callan Park President, Elizabeth Pulie, Artist and SCA alumni, Matthys Gerber, Artist and SCA senior lecturer, Prof Susan Thompson, UNSW Faculty of the Built Environment/ Urban Planning, Eila Douglass, SCA post-graduate student

Media information: Hall Greenland 0408 643786 or Eila Douglass 0419 650 667