The occupation to save Sydney College of the Arts is now in its seventh day!!


The occupation to save Sydney College of the Arts is now in its seventh day!!

After months of protests, mass meetings and failed talks with the University of Sydney administration, about a dozen Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) students started an occupation of the Dean’s office at its Callan Park campus in Rozelle on August 22.

SCA students dropped a banner reading “Under new management” from an office window and barricaded the doors as staff left the building. Since then, supporters have been protesting twice daily outside the occupied building, sending food and supplies to the occupation via a basket pulled up by a rope.

The Let SCA Stay campaign is demanding that: the arts college stay at Callan Park; there be no staff cuts; the reinstatement of the Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) degree; and an independent review of the SCA’s financial situation.

“We’re in a crisis and we’ve had to take extreme action to get what we want,” occupation will continue, “until we get a proper response from the university and they meet some of our demands.” Suzy Faiz, a fine arts masters student told.

Student organisations around the country have circulated photos of themselves holding signs up in solidarity with the occupation.

(The campaign to save SCA is holding daily protests. Find out how to support the campaign at )

Green Left – Australia.

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