Sydney College of the Arts dean Colin Rhodes resigns after student backlash against campus move, staff cuts and degree changes


EMBATTLED Sydney College of the Arts Dean Colin Rhodes has stepped down as angry art students continue the longest occupation in the university’s history.

Sydney College of the Arts students have been occupying their Callan Park campus in Rozelle since August 22 to protest Sydney University’s plans to close it and substantially change their fine arts degree programs.

Mr Rhodes came under fire after the Inner West Courier revealed he had been in discussions to shut down the campus for two years, despite a series of denials from the university.

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LK: Hang your head in shame Colin,
Cecilia Ruben’s reads out comments from the Petition to stop all changes to SCA.

DJ wow that’s a great moment to capture, makes me feel sad for him, disappointed. He should have stuck up for the staff and students publicly. A better fate to be fired for standing with SCA than made redundant for being a pawn.

MB .. never know wats happening..wat we dnt c.. I’m sure he deals with conflicting thoughts of guilt, hurt, just like the students & staff – its conditioning of the society – not individual ‘demons’ every1 is responsible 4 wat happened @ sca & wat happens outside sca – do u remember wat happened? Do u remember wat we r fighting for? Wat we r aiming towards??

I remember after the scass meeting in December 2015 – I dropped my hairpins everywhere – he went ridiculously out of his way 2 pick them up 4 me. Maybe I’m naive but I like seeing humans rather than aliens – I dnt think being a leader is easy – I remember doubting the realness of the action & its meaning – but looking back I think he was genuinely reaching out. I was so hurt from wat id seen at sca – that I had blamed him for everything -becoz scass wanted so desperately to save sca & were blocked by bureaucracy so many times – it felt like they wanted the place to burn. . but I realise now that it was every single persons responsibility to build the community there – we r all responsible for a fire that could have been put out. 22 hrs

JA: Colin Rhodes, was a contributing factor to the neglect and corrosion at SCA. Caring more for his pet projects (Outsider Art) than to the welfare of the students or the longevity of SCA. A massive betrayal; he will not be missed.

CT:  I’m sure the top dogs at USyd wont let Rhodes suffer for too long, if he’s suffering at all. He’ll be amply rewarded with a cushy job soon for being so faithful to their neo-liberal cause.

JA Carla, you are probably right. And at the very least Rhodes needs to be exiled from the art community and his legacy (Outsider Art) to be pushed to the wayside. SCA would have been a different place if Richard Dunn stayed on.