Students take action against Sydney University over Sydney College of the Arts closure

Tim Heiderich did not come to Sydney to fight for its arts culture. The former software developer left a six-figure job in Los Angeles to come to Sydney to complete a masters in film.

But the international student has become collateral damage in the University of Sydney’s plans to close its art school at Rozelle.

“It’s like that old story about the chicken and the pig that go into business. The chicken says, ‘Hey, I’ll provide the eggs and you provide the ham’,” Mr Heiderich says.

“In this case, the students are the ones providing the ham.”


“I quit my six-figure job to come here, I sold my car, a bunch of possessions, and uprooted my life and came here to study film because I thought it was worth it. There is an interesting arts community in Sydney and it’s under-represented and I wanted to be a part of it,” he says.

“But the reaction I’m getting back from [the university’s Provost, Professor] Stephen Garton and [SCA Dean, Professor] Colin Rhodes, is that they’re not as invested as the students in it. It feels like from all sides, the uni and the city doesn’t really care about the arts.”

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