College of the Arts denies plans to vacate Callan Park site

Callan Park gate

May 21, 2015

The future of Callan Park will be debated in state parliament next week, as rumours circulate that the University of Sydney’s College of the Arts is planning to vacate the site in the near future.

Leichhardt Labor councillor Darcy Byrne, who said he had heard about plans to vacate the site, urged the State Government to implement the council’s Master Plan for the park before it was too late.

However, a University of Sydney spokeswoman said there was no decision to move the college away from Callan Park.

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Sydney College of the Arts expected to vacate Callan Park site in radical overhaul

Callan park

SYDNEY College of the Arts is expected to vacate Callan Park within a year amid plans to radically overhaul University of Sydney arts and design programs.

A SCA spokeswoman confirmed issues about the viability of the university’s Rozelle campus have been looked at closely for more than three years.

“The University does want to address cost issues as well as improve the educational experience for students currently studying there.”

However, she said no final decision had been made.

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Art school merger not like mixing paint

art school pic

The local and arts community have rallied to condemn a decision by NSW’s top universities to combine their art schools next year.

The University of Sydney will dissolve its Sydney College of the Arts campus at Callan Park and will give students the option of either continuing with their current degree at UNSW’s Paddington campus or transfer to a course offered in UNSW’s Art and Design faculty.

The two universities are also in discussion with the National Arts School in Darlinghurst to include it in the merger. The Department of Education NSW has recently forfeited control of this facility to Property NSW.

State MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker lamented that the three different approaches by the schools would become homogenised and diluted.

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Open letter from UNSW Art & Design Student Council

UNSW Art & Design Student Council
Valid concerns from the UNSW Art & Design student council about USYD dumping their arts students into an already overcrowded college:

Concerns raised from the poor correspondence with UNSW Art & Design students are:

  • Where is the space we paid for?
  • Where is the quality education you promised us?
  • Where are our sustainable resources?
  • Who will teach us?

Dear students, staff and friends of UNSW Art & Design and Sydney College of the Arts


Let SCA Stay protests USYD Senate

View the raw video from today’s “Let SCA Stay” protest at @scartv on Periscope.


Save SCA Rally. Image Tim Heiderich

Save SCA Rally 4th July 2016. USYD. Image Tim Heiderich


Sydney’s planning storm is building to a tempest


Conflict? Is it a conflict that Australia’s primary power couple holds planning strings on Australia’s biggest city at two different levels of government? Do we care that the Prime Minister sleeps with the Greater Sydney Commissioner, who sits on the state cabinet infrastructure committee? Or that Tony Abbott’s sister is a city councillor who constantly pushes for bigger buildings and a smaller, business-based city?

Lucy Turnbull seemed surprised when asked recently whether it was appropriate for her to attend a party fundraising gig as Greater Sydney Commissioner. “Is that how I’ve been billed?” But yes, it was. And yes, it’s an issue. Obviously.

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NSW Legislative Council announces inquiry into Powerhouse Museum move

Article Lead

The NSW government’s plan to move the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta could be derailed after opponents secured support for an upper house inquiry.

The NSW Legislative Council announced on Thursday the establishment of an inquiry into NSW museums and galleries. But in a major victory for opponents of the Powerhouse relocation, the committee chaired by Robert Borsak of the Shooters and Fishers Party will investigate the controversial move of the museum to Parramatta and plans to sell off its Ultimo site.

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