Stand Against USYD’s Closing of SCA.

Let SCA Stay.

  1. Immediately STOP and refuse the current negotiations between UNSW and USYD
  2. SCA staff STAY
  3. Our facilities STAY
  4. Our studio-based practice model STAYS
  5. The student body unanimously passed a NO CONFIDENCE vote in the Dean of SCA, Colin Rhodes

Let SCA Stay Motions Passed

  • LET SCA STAY means we stay at Callan Park with our course resolutions, facilities and staff.
  • BVA reinstated for 2017
  • No confidence in Stephen Garton in making decisions about our future as he is not qualified.
  • No confidence in Colin Rhodes

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The students of Sydney College of the Arts, staff and community oppose the divestment of visual arts education at the University of Sydney and the closure of Sydney College of the Arts. This page presents is a fully united front in the fight to save Australia's BEST arts education institution. By unanimous resolution, all SCA students have agreed to 5 enshrined principles. -IMMEDIATELY STOP the negotiations between UNSW and SCA and the NSW Govt. (WON and DONE!!) -SCA staff STAY -Our facilities STAY -Our course outlines/resolutions STAY -Our studio based practice model to STAY The student body also unanimously passed a NO CONFIDENCE vote in the Dean, Colin Rhodes. We demand that the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales immediately halt ALL negotiations.
LET SCA STAY8 months ago
Hi all, developments in industrial action against Sydney University management. Long message below, but worth the read. Take home message: come to the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) members meeting morrow at 1pm.


Come to the NTEU meeting on Thursday


Our branch has never been stronger than following last Wednesday's hugely successful strike. We demonstrated our collective strength by closing the campus down, and rallying students to our side. We did so because management are refusing to take our claims seriously. Now they have made us a new offer. It shows some improvement, but it still doesn't but it still doesn't come anywhere near to doing what we need to make our workplace fairer and better for *everyone*.

Management are still refusing to guarantee us proper job secutiry, when we know they're planning major change; when we know they're planning major change; they're refusing to give casual staff sick leave or equal super, even though they know they could; they're intent on severing the teaching-research nexus; and, from the height of their million-dollar + salaries , they show their contempt for our work by imposing a real terms pay-cut on the majority of staff.

We can't go on striking forever, but we also shouldn't just surrender now, after only one day full strike pay. If we're going to be able to campaign on campus effectively after our EA is signed, we have to show we're serious when we say that we want a fair deal for staff - one that is also good for students.

We obviously can't guarantee we'll win - but we can guarantee that, if we conceded before we have to, when there's still enough energy to strike, we'll lastingly undermine our future campaigning strength. If we fold now, unnecessarily, when we've just had suck a promising strike, and on a deal that doesn't even get us close to the principles we established, how can anyone be confident that the NTEU will act to achieve the change on campus it says it wants to see?

Casuals are asking us not to give up the fight. And good conditions mean nothing if you can lose your job at any moment. Let's give the bargaining team the mandate it needs to really push for secure jobs, proper casual rights, a guarantee that academic work at Sydney will continue to combine teaching and research, and decent pay.


On Monday September 198, the SRC's Education Action group passed the following resolution:

The Education Action Group congratulates the NTEU on its successful strike on Wednesday the 13th September. We note that approximately 10% of the student body attended classes, showing great support for the action and core demands of the NTEU campaign. In particular, we believe demands for job security, particularly no forced redundancies, casual rights and a fair pay rise are essential to any future deal. As such, the EAG supports staff fighting for the full demands of the NTEU campaign and supports the union to pursue continued industrial action on October 4th and 5th.


"There are several reasons the NTEU should not give up the fight for casuals' rights before it has truly begun. A large amount of work at the university is done by casuals, which means we (the union) need casuals to join in order to become stronger. Through a fight for casual rights we will win more casuals to the union and be in a better position to win all our demands.

Secondly, casuals have some of the worst conditions and deserve better. There are the casuals that have been teaching languages for close to 20 years, with no job security, no paid leave, and far less superannuation than other staff. There are the casuals that were sacked en masse in the student centre without any redundancy package. In every hallway of the university, there are casuals stressed and underpaid, lacking support.

Winning sick leave and equal superannuation will be no easy feat. It will likely require escalating action, and even then a win is not guaranteed. But we cannot let the rampant casualisation and the decline in conditions continue unchallenged - it is worth fighting over. We hope to see all staff on the picket lines in October - be they casual, fixed term or on-going - as we fight for a better university for all.'

Signed by 28 casual NTEU members. Signatures still coming in. see FB Usyd Casuals' Network.
LET SCA STAY8 months ago
Tomorrow there is a strike against Sydney University by the National Tertiary Education Union staff. Many students will join them! These banners will adorn the City Road entrance of the striking picket to remind Sydney University management that we do not forget it's attack on Sydney College of the Arts. The NTEU are asking that all students respect the picket and not go into class, or libraries, or indeed any part of the University. Management sacked IT staff last week, and are giving no job guarantees in their vicious Amalgamation Plan. Come join us on Camperdown campus! 7am-1:30 pickets on multiple entrances. 1:30pm rally @ City Road, Eastern Avenue.
LET SCA STAY9 months ago
Hi everyone. A letter from the National Tertiary Education Union about why they are going on strike on Wednesday September 13 and why we should support them.Come tell management to stop sacking staff, destroying SCA and casualising the workforce! Join us on the pickets! All out on September 13!

Dear students,
Along with other National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) members, I will be on strike next Wednesday, September 13.
This means NTEU members will not be teaching classes, staffing libraries, or doing administrative work. Classes taught by NTEU members are cancelled that day. We are asking you either not to come to university, or to join us on the picket lines at university entrances. We have been negotiating with the university’s management since February.
The strike is happening because those negotiations have now broken down.
Our strike is about:
• Putting an end to discrimination against casually employed staff members in sick-leave and superannuation
• Getting management to commit to redeploying staff whose positions are made redundant
• Preserving the vital teaching-research nexus, so that the people who lecture you are active researchers in their fields (management want to employ over 200 people with no time to do research)
• A salary-offer that at least keeps pace with inflation (management want to give us a real wage cut)
When staff go on strike, we sacrifice a day's pay in order to campaign for fairer working conditions. I’m asking you to support us.
Staff at the University of Sydney are committed to the institution and the students. No one wants to have teaching disrupted, and this is not a decision that has been taken lightly. But missing class is a small price to pay for the improvements to the quality of your education that will result if the strikes are successful. It’s in your interests to support the strike. You deserve to study at a university where:
• Casual staff don’t have to come to work even when they’re sick
• Lecturers are given the time to keep up to date in their fields
• Academic and admin staff aren’t being paid less to do more work
On September 13, union members will be standing at the entrances to the university, and explicitly asking students and staff not to come onto the campus. Ignoring this request, and crossing the picket line anyway, is an extremely serious decision. It would mean that you are not prepared to support ordinary employees' struggle for fairer working conditions.
Please support us — we’re all in this together! Your lecturers, tutors and admin staff greatly appreciate your support. We’re all in this together — let’s all contribute to the NTEU’s campaign for a university that puts staff and students first. On September 13, stay away from university — or, even better, join your lecturers and admin staff on the pickets to campaign for better, fairer universities for everyone.

Kurt Iveson NTEU University of Sydney Branch President
LET SCA STAY9 months ago
We need your help! Sydney University management is hellbent on attacking staff conditions and educational quality. In negotiations with the staff union - the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) management are proffering a pay cut (an offer of 1.9% when inflation is 2.2%), more worry about amalgamations and sackings and no offer to move casual staff to full time positions. On the back of their attack on SCA - we are calling everyone to come out and support the Staff Strike on September 13. Classes are CANCELLED! Come join a picket line! Tell management to deliver on staff and learning conditions! Contact Rachel Evans or Nic Avery (Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association) to find out how you can help!
LET SCA STAY12 months ago
Hi Let SCA Stay people! Just a heads-up that the domain name for is due to expire in a month, and costs US$12 to renew for a year. Is anybody willing to put up the cash (and is the website still being used)?
1 year ago
just an update - the four walls photo show ends at 2pm tomorrow and not 4pm as advertised on eventbrite. The address is Backyardopera Studio
880 Princes Highway Tempe
Sydney, NSW 2044
1 year ago
Just got this email from Jamie Parker I hope this bodes well for the rest of the campaign!
LET SCA STAY1 year ago
Eila Vinwyn writes in this week’s Honi Soit about Sydney College of the Arts student Ms Saffaa’s artistic and human rights work. Check page 22 and 23 of the print edition.

‘Ms Saffaa is a Saudi artist currently studying a PHD in Australia. As part of her practice she creates murals championing the freedom of women in Saudi Arabia, in particular drawing attention to the prohibitive Guardianship laws. Her work, seen on Twitter, was taken up by a grass-roots movement. in Saudi Arabia and is now synonymous with the struggle to end these laws. In February this year her mural in Melbourne’s Brunswick was vandalised just a week after it was finished.’