Stand Against USYD’s Closing of SCA.

Let SCA Stay.

  1. Immediately STOP and refuse the current negotiations between UNSW and USYD
  2. SCA staff STAY
  3. Our facilities STAY
  4. Our studio-based practice model STAYS
  5. The student body unanimously passed a NO CONFIDENCE vote in the Dean of SCA, Colin Rhodes

Let SCA Stay Motions Passed

  • LET SCA STAY means we stay at Callan Park with our course resolutions, facilities and staff.
  • BVA reinstated for 2017
  • No confidence in Stephen Garton in making decisions about our future as he is not qualified.
  • No confidence in Colin Rhodes

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The students of Sydney College of the Arts, staff and community oppose the divestment of visual arts education at the University of Sydney and the closure of Sydney College of the Arts. This page presents is a fully united front in the fight to save Australia's BEST arts education institution. By unanimous resolution, all SCA students have agreed to 5 enshrined principles. -IMMEDIATELY STOP the negotiations between UNSW and SCA and the NSW Govt. (WON and DONE!!) -SCA staff STAY -Our facilities STAY -Our course outlines/resolutions STAY -Our studio based practice model to STAY The student body also unanimously passed a NO CONFIDENCE vote in the Dean, Colin Rhodes. We demand that the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales immediately halt ALL negotiations.
LET SCA STAY3 months ago
Hi Let SCA Stay people! Just a heads-up that the domain name for is due to expire in a month, and costs US$12 to renew for a year. Is anybody willing to put up the cash (and is the website still being used)?
Bernadette Smith
Bernadette Smith4 months ago
just an update - the four walls photo show ends at 2pm tomorrow and not 4pm as advertised on eventbrite. The address is Backyardopera Studio
880 Princes Highway Tempe
Sydney, NSW 2044
Liam Kesteven
Liam Kesteven4 months ago
Just got this email from Jamie Parker I hope this bodes well for the rest of the campaign!
LET SCA STAY4 months ago
Eila Vinwyn writes in this week’s Honi Soit about Sydney College of the Arts student Ms Saffaa’s artistic and human rights work. Check page 22 and 23 of the print edition.

‘Ms Saffaa is a Saudi artist currently studying a PHD in Australia. As part of her practice she creates murals championing the freedom of women in Saudi Arabia, in particular drawing attention to the prohibitive Guardianship laws. Her work, seen on Twitter, was taken up by a grass-roots movement. in Saudi Arabia and is now synonymous with the struggle to end these laws. In February this year her mural in Melbourne’s Brunswick was vandalised just a week after it was finished.’
Bernadette Smith
Bernadette Smith4 months ago
Hope you can make it to my book launch which includes photos of SCA resistance
and group photography show opening
Liam Kesteven
Liam Kesteven4 months ago
On how the school system in America has emphasised english and maths testing to the detriment of the Arts and social studies..

Liam Kesteven
On Contact: The Failing Education System with Nikhil Goyal
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